Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Pray that I don't alter the bargain further." Vader

RSS is the way I use the net. Without RSS I wouldn't have my newspaper of articles and other important items delivered to me when they come out. I would spend a ton of time going to sites that hadn't updated yet, instead of pouring through reams of new info. The reason I am waxing poetic about RSS is Google quietly killed off RSS feeds from YouTube channel users. This really is too bad. Instead of using YouTube, which can feel like a bunch of videos I do not care about threw up all over their homepage, I used to get the videos channels subscribed to delivered right into my RSS Reader. I use Feedly and I really like it. You can read all the details here on Ars but the main reason I am writing is to show that no matter what, you must remain vigilant about the news concerning our gadgets, workflows or routines we have setup. It is easy for us to rely on something like RSS and by a flick of a switch, it all stops working

Note: I poached the Darth Vader line from a commenter on the Ars Technica site named HonorableSoul
Note 2: Who has switches to flick these days?

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