Wednesday, October 29, 2008

“For a list Sometimes a slow gradual approach does more good than a large gesture." Craig Newmark founder of Craigslist

Craigslist is one of those wonderful sites that has been around for just about ever. For those unfamiliar, Craigslist is a giant version of the newspaper’s classified ad section. The size of the listings makes it both fantastic and a problem . To do a complete search for an item I have to check all the craigslist locales. As an example I must go to Rhode Island, SouthCoast MA, and Boston to make sure I have not missed anything. There is a better more efficient way to do a search. Now before I go on this won’t always be cost efficient for large items or local service stuff but if you are looking to buy something that you just cannot seem to find this is the way. First head to Google, click on advanced options, and then click Search within a site or domain. Type and then go to the top and where it says all these words and type in what you are searching for. I usually adjust the date options at the bottom to the past week because I do not care about listings that are old. This will now search all of craigslist and I mean all of it. The other day I found an item that normally would be expensive on sites like eBay or Amazon for very cheap. When I find a potential item I will email the person and ask if they will ship it. Sometimes the answer is no but I have had great luck with this. Also this is a good way to find real estate, services, jobs or anything you can think of. So anytime you need to track something down give this a try.

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