Thursday, October 30, 2008

"We're eatable ants." H. G. Wells

As a kid traveling from craft show to craft show with my mother I always had my cassette tape player. It was my constant friend and accompanied me everywhere. Most people that asked what I always listening to were usually surprised. I listened constantly to old radio broadcasts from the thirties and forties. One of my favorites, next to the Jack Benny Program, was the broadcast that frightened most of America. Today is the anniversary of the War Of The Worlds first airing. If you are unfamiliar it was a science fiction broadcast about invading aliens. The people that tuned in from the beginning knew that it was just another radio show. Those that tuned in after the introduction heard what sounded like a real news broadcast talking about the first invader complete with radio break ins ,and on site interviews . People literally fled into the streets to get out of cities and hide from the oncoming extraterrestrial army. Orson Welles’ voice sets just the right dramatic tone through the whole experience. The Mercury Theater was well known for this sort of thing. You can listen to the entire broadcast from this link. Even if you cannot listen to the whole thing at least listen to the first twenty minutes. Whenever I listened to this I tried to imagine inching up closer and closer to an old giant radio waiting for more details to spill out and tell me of the ever approaching dangers. I know it seems like old hat now but seriously in the spirit of Halloween and all things spooky set the lights low tonight, get the kids and some popcorn and give a listen. Let yourself start to wonder if the noises you just heard were from the broadcast or something just outside of your house.

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