Friday, October 5, 2007

“Tell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are” Jose Ortega y Gasset

So you can find every bit of info that you could ever want online but do you really pay attention to it? Southern California Edison Energy believes you don’t have any interest in looking at raw data and I agree. They are installing small white orbs in houses to try an experiment that seems to be working well. The idea is this. When power consumption is expensive for you and everyone else the little orb glows red. This means you should start turning off electronics or at least put them on hold. When the power consumption is low it glows green signaling you to power up if necessary. Now why do you care? Well this is showing by just using a little light it gets you to do more than actually giving you numbers to think about. This was originally designed for people paying attention to things like mutual funds and stocks. Since this has been tried it people seem to be responding well to it. To read more here is one article of many that is out there. As usual there is a net component as well. People have started communities to show off how little they use of the power available. Pretty soon we should not be surprised if a new piece of software shows up on a social site that allows us to put our carbon foot print or usage on something like Facebook. No matter what happens if this shows a real effect on us reducing energy then maybe it will be coming to a house near you.

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