Tuesday, October 9, 2007

“Anything that is unexpected is the X-factor.” Dante Hall

To save or not to save is not really the question when it comes to Microsoft Office 2007. The real question is how should I save? The problem is that the newest version of Office has a new format when it saves. It used to save a resume, lets say, in .DOC format. Now it is automatically saved in .DOCX so that it can use the XML technology. Now I am sure it does add more functionality to your resume, like tags, but the problem is that older versions cannot open up the new format. Meaning, if you send your resume.docx to me and I have a perfectly good version of Office 2002 then I cannot open it. This is causing problems within offices where they have updated some machines and not others. The fix is an easy one. When you save as make sure you change the type to save as Word 97-2003 document. This will make it easy to communicate with everyone else who is using an older version. Give it a try until we all catch up.

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