Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper." Adelle Davis

It’s a funny thing that when I think of the Internet I think of sites and stuff to do that is elsewhere in the world. It seems everything is created in California but of course this is not true. Even in our small towns people are doing amazingly helpful things on the net. I happened to be at the doctors recently and noticed something called MYPhotoDiet. I spoke to the Doctor and he explained that people have a tough time thinking out healthy food choices for themselves and their kids. So to help they created MYPhotoDiet which is a pictorial view of what a good diet should consist of. I am a visual person and find I am always after cookbooks with pictures. I explained to the doctor that I had a tech blog and I would like to look into it but I try to recommend stuff that is free or low cost so he gave me the codes for the Myphotodiet kid’s lunch’s program. He said that any of the readers are welcome to use the code. I checked it out and it simple to get into and use. For the kid’s program it shows 30 days of meals and gives the nutritional breakdown for each one. It looks decent. All the diets are in PDF format and can be downloaded to your computer or you can look at it online. The other diets like the one for diabetes or heart healthy ones range from 10.95 to 19.95. Give the free one a try and if it works for you try the others

To gain access click login and type in HEALTHY in the username and the KIDS in the password. Make sure it is all in capital letters.

One last thing I was happy to see my Doctor had his own blog and is staying up with technology. Check it out here.

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