Tuesday, October 7, 2008

“What bothers me about TV is that it tends to take our minds off our minds.” Robert Orben

During a class the other day I mentioned that I watch most of my TV online. A student asked the simple question why? My reasons are many. To begin with I can find almost anything I want online which means I get to choose the time and place of my viewing. Also I have found I have to ingest less ads when I am watching the show on my computer. As an example when I watch the daily show online I only see 4 commercials during the entire show compared to 3-4 per commercial break. My main complaint with the ads is they are so short that there isn’t any time to run to the fridge or bathroom. As little as two years ago I would have said do not bother with watching TV online. It just was not worth it. I should say that not all stations make it easy. CBS, I find, makes me work to find what I want to see but for the most part I look for a site and then I am done. Also with the introduction of sites like Hulu ,that aggregate all the shows to one place, I never have to search long. It only makes sense. Now some may argue that you are limited to a small screen but it is a simple matter of an adapter if you want to hook up computer to your giant television. I prefer the smallness of a computer screen and only look for giant screens when playing video games. If you happen to miss your show give the online option a try.

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