Friday, October 10, 2008

“To paint comic books as childish and illiterate is lazy. A lot of comic books are very literate - unlike most films.” Alan Moore

So you have been taking all these digital photos of everything you can get your lens pointed at. Now what? They just sit on your computer not being displayed. Yes of course you could print them out and frame them but is there a more interesting way of displaying them. Enter Comic Life, a piece of software for Mac/PC that can create a comic book look for your photo. This program is just so easy to use. All you do is slide your photos into the provided panels and then create speech bubbles so you can create a story. Now you could do this in Microsoft Word as well but nowhere as easy. Also the templates and other extras make this program a lot of fun. I am using this to create a comic book themed cook book for home. Much of the program is automated so I can just start working versus having to set everything up, get frustrated, and then quit the project. The program offers a 30 day trial period so you can get a feel for it. The price is at the most $30 bucks. If you need a new way of making an invitation or would like a cool project to do with kids then give it a try. It is a lot of fun.

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