Thursday, February 7, 2008

“I get mail; therefore I am.” Scott Adams

How much junk mail do you get in your post box in an average day? I usually get a couple of offers for credit cards and refinance letter of some sort. Then I get some other random pieces of junk. Americans spend more than $245 million annually to dispose of this junk mail. This is a crime as far as I am concerned for several reasons. That material is coming from somewhere, most likely not a recycled source, and on the other end is all the money to get rid of this paper spam. That money could be spent on so many other important things. Plus the one that concerns all of us because it is so close to home is the amount of time you spend wading through and filtering what makes it into your house. Well it is time to take some action. The World Privacy Forum put together a wonderful list of opt outs. These are ways out of getting spam in one from or another whether is email, post, or phone. Now I have seen many of these lists but they usually just give it to you without much thought. This site describes why, what you have to do, and anything else you need to know. They have done a fantastic job with this site and it should be mandatory reading. Even their introduction is nicely done with a well thought out explanations of why they did this. Give this one a try for at least one of the reasons above.

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