Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away

The other day I looked at my Mac's screen saver and thought, I can do better. About 20 minutes later I found a few runner-ups but my clear favorite is the StarWarsScroll from KillerRobots. It is everything I want in a "way too nerdy" sort of way. Basically, it's the Star Wars crawl you see in the beginning of the movie, set against a background of stars. It even has the logo and the famous text in blue. The great part is they have every crawl from every thing that has ever had one, like Clone Wars or some barely known special.You can turn any of them off or on and choose the crawls you like. None of it looks pixelly or fuzzy.
So, if you need to upgrade your screensaver, try out StarWarsScroll.

Note: The above screensaver is Mac only.

A runner-up, Screenstagram - Grabs your feed from Instagram. Pretty cool!

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