Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"This little piece of gum is a three-course dinner." Willy Wonka

Chocolate is sweet but free chocolate is sweeter. Many website offer free samples or other goodies. Here is one such yummy from Mars. If you get a sorry page just try again some other time. Also Thunderfap has a list of the goodies that you can sign up for as well. Now before you get angry and tell me that you have done that and now all I get is spam and junk mail offers. I recommend two strategies. The first is my old fall back register with a junk email address that you don’t mind filling up with crowd. The second is even better. The problem with the first one is that you must periodically open the email to keep it active. I like using 10 minute mail. You can read more about it here. The gist of it is that after 10 minutes it deletes itself so you have just enough time to register and answer any reply emails but you never have to worry about getting spam from them. I should say that there are some advantages to getting company emails. Many of them have specials, offer, or coupons. I use them every time I go to the grocery. So at least you have options. Go ahead and give these a try.

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