Thursday, June 18, 2009

"You always pass failure on the way to success." Mickey Rooney

Two days ago I ran into a former student who was talking with her friend. She introduced me and told her friend that I teach computers. He responded “ugh I know nothing about computers.” He also went onto say that he was terrified of not only not knowing how to use it but looking dumb while trying to figure it out. I hear these statements almost every day. Unfortunately everyone believes they are the illiterate or dinosaur computer user. It is natural for people to feel this way but one must go past it. I truly believe anyone can convey information about technology. My main job is not just to teach but to reassure, encourage, and entertain while showing the information to my students. I am writing this for the friend on the street and for others in tech ed limbo. We all need to be taught in one area or another.
  • To those who feel they don’t know anything about computers take a chance and take a class. If the teacher doesn’t jive with you then try another. Keep trying till it clicks.
  • To the friends and family members of others who don’t know computers please have patience and understanding that you as well do not know it all. Also be considerate and do not assume they know something you know.
Below is a video showing people being questioned about browsers. A browser is an application you use to view the Internet. Think of a browser as the car that drives on the Internet highway. I put this video here to make the point that we all seem to be a bit confused but life still continues to work. As you laugh with these people consider your own knowledge. Failing and feeling a bit dumb is part of the learning process. You must fail to properly learn. Without mistakes life wouldn't be as pleasurable.

I guess I should also mention the video is about the Google browser called Chrome. I have been wanting to test it and review it but it doesn't work on Mac nor in our system. After the video you may want to head over to Google and give it a whirl.

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