Wednesday, April 29, 2009

“Either that wallpaper goes, or I do.” Oscar Wilde

Recently I did a class on customization of the PC and a student asked where can I get good wallpapers? It is a good question because when you do a simple Google search for wallpaper or desktops you do get a lot of choices but much of the pictures are given over to pictures of women that although pretty I am not going to use that as my background. I know this will sound a bit ridiculous but when I feel like I am working myself into a funk on the computer I change my desktop to give me a small pick me up. It’s cheaper than coffee. Anyway below is a list of some of my current and long time favorites. So go through them and find something to new to refresh your machine.

PixelGirl Presents is one I go back to again and again. They consistently have the more unusual artistically stuff. Unfortunately if you are looking at this in the library it will be blocked. There isn’t a trace of anything wrong so give it a try at home.

Wallpapr is a site that pulls in Flickr photos. This site takes simplicity to a new level. You type in any word or words like storm and if a photo has been tagged with your search words it comes up. You can also choose how many photos for it to display. If you aren’t finding what you are yearning for then try more descriptive and generic terms like dark, light, soft, happy…

ZixPK has some of the more dynamic images out there. They are very heavy on color contrast and interesting close-ups. Just click the HD wallpapers button at the top to see them.

Wallaper Abyss has a lot to offer. It has everything from the cheesecake photos I mentioned earlier to the abstract. The reason I return here is that most of this type of site give you generic categories. Abyss has that as well but then you can choose from more specialized tags as well. As an example I chose Scifi and then I chose robot and the categories keep going on and on.

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