Friday, March 6, 2009

“I regard this novel as a work without redeeming social value, unless it can be recycled as a cardboard box” Ellen Goodman

When I drive through some neighborhoods I am amazed by the amount of items on the curb. TVs and Computer monitors will not be taken by the trash services. The simple reason is that they cost money to dispose of. I have seen these things stay in front of houses for years apparently in hopes the Earth will reclaim it. This is not going to happen. Instead you might as well bring it over to Best Buy and drop it there. Best Buy has a decent recycle program. They say they adhere to strict Consumer Electronics Recycling Standards which means they recycle all of it and do not ship to foreign countries to be disposed of. Now I should say if your computer or monitor works I recommend dropping it off at a thrift center where it can be reused. If is dead bring it on over to Best Buy. It will cost you $10 bucks to get rid of TVs and monitors but you get a $10 dollar gift card in exchange so you break even. Other items like computers and printers can be brought there for free. However you must remove hard drives from them. I am for any recycle program that follows the proper rules and if you end up with a card to buy more stuff in the end I won’t complain. There are more rules to what they will and won’t take so please read through before you head on over. One of the rules is two items per household per day. Below are the links to the info. So to sum up you might as well go green and get something in turn.

Best Buy recycle Program and rules
Best Buy fine print about recycling

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