Friday, February 27, 2009

" The least of learning is done in the classrooms." Thomas Merton

A week ago I received a strange question out of the blue. A woman called and explained that she had a learning disability and was trying to pass the written portion of the driving test. She knew what she needed just not where to find it. She told me that she needed to make an online testing/studying method for herself. The actions of inputting all data plus the reinforcement of information would cement it all in her brain. We talked for a while and I gave her a few suggestions that I had. After we spoke I did a bit of research looking for an easy to use and helpful application. I came across Cramberry. At its core it is a set of flash cards. All you do is hop over to the site, register, and start creating sets of flash cards for anything you want to learn or quiz yourself on. If you can type in information in predefined boxes then you can do this. When you have typed in all the questions and answers you can begin to quiz yourself. It shows the question and then you click on it to see the answer. You then tell if you were right or wrong. Wrong answer will come back to haunt you during the rest of the quizzing. I like it for its simplicity but I do wish there was either a shareable or embeddable feature for teachers to share with their students. They do have a sharing button but it only works if the other person is already registered. Why not just make regular flash cards you say? I would agree that they are basically the same however I find I can log onto the site whenever I get a free moment and quiz myself versus carrying around some cards that I may or may not have on me. I recommend giving this one a try.

The answer we discussed and she seemed happy with was that if she owned a device like the iPod Touch or something similar they have plenty of flash card applications that you can design for yourself or they have pre-done ones like for learning languages. She seemed happy with the small portable idea.

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