Tuesday, February 10, 2009

“Parents always think it's the kids' fault. If they're naughty, it's the kids' fault. Not true! Children generally are not naughty for no reason.”

Quote from Emma Thompson
I am doing research for a possible lecture for parents talking about net security for their kids and I came across this nice little site. KidRex is essentially Google with a heavy safety feature turned on but with a cute crayon feel. This is a simple way of limiting some of the naughtier bits of the net. It just filters the search for words that are too risqué. Many reviews are very positive but one did say if a kid was determined they would see what they wanted. I follow this thinking as well. I would use this site as a way of taking the unfortunate distractions out of reach but do not think this will eliminate risk. I have read much on this subject trying to prepare and everything seems to point to one major way of helping your children. You are not going to like it! It is not easy but talk to them about what they may see and help them understand they are not bad for seeing it. Real explanations have a way of removing the desire for the hidden, Some parents try to shelter their children from these things but instead it only sows the seeds for wanting to see the stuff more. Many cultures introduce wine early and make it a normal part of life. I know in the Jewish tradition it is not uncommon to have a little wine with a Passover dinner or on special occasions. This has been shown to reduce overindulgence later in life. Use this site to reduce the amount of violence and sex stuff they see but try talking to them as well. It is far more effective than filtering.
As I come across more information I will try to put it up.

I had one more thought on this subject. In hacking circles it is understood it is far easier to gain access to a system not using complicated computer programs but through social engineering. Getting someone to tell you the password is easier than cracking it. The same can be said about filtering. You can try it filtering it but with enough determination you get around anything but if a child is taught not to be interested in the unsavory stuff then it will stay with that person far longer.

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