Tuesday, February 3, 2009

“Is it weird in here, or is it just me?” Stephen Wright

Last night I tried to get to a website and found my browser just blank. Eventually it finishes and tells me that the server was not found. I clicked again all throughout the day waiting for the link to work but still nothing. The problem is that I start wondering is it just me or is the site actually down. I could have some strange setting or have done something to upset the internet gods. I normally would have gotten hold of a friend and had them try the same site and see if it comes up for them. Instead I tried a really straight forward site. Down for everyone or just me allows you to type in or copy and paste an address like YouTube.com. It then tells you if it is down for you or everyone. I love this site for its no frills. It has one function and it accomplishes it. Once I found the site was down for everyone I can try to accomplish the task some other way and I do not have to spend more time looking at setting that have nothing to do with the issue. So if a site does not pop up double check your spelling and if that fails try DFEOJM.

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