Monday, January 12, 2009

“If you die in an elevator, be sure to push the Up button.” Sam Levenson

Suddenly in a flash my buttons are gone. Everything is touch screen. Whether I am at an ATM or using my phone I am using buttons that are not truly there. There are different types of touch screens. Some are pressure sensitive meaning it knows where I pushed because the screen has a barely noticeable give. Most of the screens in a store are this way. Sometimes they require you to use a stylus to make the connection. Others use your magnetic field to tell the machine where you are touching. The iPhone works this way and it works well….for the most part. If you live in New England you know that gloves are an essential part of your standard going outside gear. I realized the other day I could not answer the phone with out taking them off. For those readers in the southern climes this seems dumb. Just take the gloves off you might say but it has been damn cold. The future is apparently a buttonless world and gloveless one too. Thankfully necessity is the mother of invention and Dots gloves were invented. They are those stretchy gloves that everyone seems to wear but with a slight change. Two dots have been added to the thumb and index finger. The dots are a combination of nickel and brass that allow for the connection to be made. They are rounded so they will not scratch. Seems just right for my cold issues. More and more items will be invented that will be touch screens from restaurants to your next cars. So if we are heading into a buttonless world you might as well be warm when you get there.

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