Wednesday, December 17, 2008

“I never saw a Purple Cow; I never hope to See One; But I can Tell you, Anyhow, I'd rather See than Be One” Frank Gelett Burgess

I meant to do a post on this much earlier but I was waiting to use the service before I recommended it. Unfortunately I never got around to it and instead of waiting more I thought I would put it out there and let you decide. The site is called Moo and their tagline is "they love printing."
Many students ask me about business cards and gift cards and whether they should print them at home. The answer is complex. You could use a program like Microsoft Publisher to create paper goods and I can say the program does a decent job. The problem I usually have is that most home printers are not as good as going to a professional place. Now understand if you are doing a small amount of printing at home is fine but 1000 business cards that are double sided can be awful and tedious. The problem I have had with professional printers is they seem to overcharge. Some of them even charge just to open your document and you are limited to the same image all the way through. That is why I was excited about Moo. They allow as many different images as you would like. Let’s say you are making holiday cards and you have ordered 25 but you really only need 20. The other five will be wasted. Instead Moo allows you to put as many images as you would like in one pack. Same thing goes for all their products like business cards and mini business cards. They do gift cards and all sorts of other types of paper goods. This time of the year many people head to parties and people scribble down their information to long lost friends on the nearest napkins. The idea of a nice good looking card with all your basic info like email or website and of course the basics like phone numbers just sounds perfect. Also I like the idea of creating stickers for every photo I have. The green choice of card stock that is environmentally friendly was a nice thing to see. I checked the prices and they seem reasonable but I would like to stress I have not seen a finished product so please keep that in mind. If you need some paper goods take a look at this service and let me know how it goes.

Note:Photo courtesy of The Bancroft Library. University of California, Berkeley

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