Wednesday, March 5, 2008

“Anatomy is destiny.” Sigmund Freud

Man o Mandibula! I unfortunately never took anatomy and physiology in school but I have always had an interest in understanding the body and its workings. VisibleBody is a site that can help that understanding and investigation. It shows a human body and allows you to peel away layers to see circulation or digestive systems. Now I have seen pictures of this stuff the first time I picked up a Britannica and was fascinated by the plastic transparent pages. This however goes further allowing you to come at any organ or part from any direction including inside itself. It has the ability to pull away all unnecessary bits and focus on just what is needed. The only downfall is that you must use Internet Explorer and the initial startup is a wee bit slow. However if this is an area of study for you or a class that you teach this really is awesome. Give it a try.

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