Monday, February 11, 2008

“The interesting thing was, I started eBay off as a hobby so it was free of charge.” Pierre Omidyar

As of February 20th the rates of eBay will be changing. The initial fees will lower and this is good news all around. However to make up for losses eBay has raised end fees much to the displeasure of sellers. There are several other changes that will affect both sellers and buyers alike. Gallery images will now be free allowing buyers to quickly see photos even before they open the auction. As per usual with every change comes problems and resentment. So sellers have decided to strike on the dates February 18th through the 25th. They plan to do no selling of any kind on the site. Many spokespersons have said this is a normal routine that the auction site goes through every time a change in rates happens. I personally do not think much will happen other than the usual acceptance of rate adjustments but people should know this is going on. So how does this concern you? My only advice is to get all your shopping done by those dates and just sit back and see what happens.

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