Friday, February 1, 2008

“The dead being the majority, it is natural that we should have more friends among them than among the living.”

As of next month we bury an old friend. When I got my own personal computer there were only a couple of browsers on the market after Mosaic became insufficient. Netscape Navigator was one of the coolest and best browsers at that point and continued to be a success for many years. I stopped using it at the 4.7 version. It was fast and with the introduction of Netscape Communicator easy to get things done like email and an address book. This was a big deal then! Unfortunately they decided to keep adding to it and it became bulky and unusable. Many people turned to other faster slimmer browsers that offered a lot more. America Online bought it several years back and as of February will no longer be supporting it. In the computer world no support is a death sentence. So today we sing your praises for your historical value and wish you well in software heaven. To read a well written history of an old friend check out this BBC article.

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