Thursday, January 10, 2008

"...apply this rule of thumb: If the statement makes you consider filing a lawsuit, I was kidding.” Dave Barry

When I was kid I never read much unless it was a book about information or facts. Finally one of my favorites is now a website as well. It is called rule of thumb. We all use them to one degree or another. You know the type, when going to an airport the rule of thumb is to give at least 1 hour to get through security and onto the plane. Oh and an extra hour for international flights. These are things we all talk about and rarely see written down. The site is just as good as the books and in some ways surpasses them. It allows for ratings and has some of the usual basics of today’s websites like a tag cloud. Also each rule seems to really inspire conversation and debate. Signup is free and easy. If you want to know the rule of thumb for taking care of cats to baking give this one a try.

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