Wednesday, January 16, 2008

“It is not helpful to help a friend by putting coins in his pockets when he has got holes in his pockets.” Elizabeth Bowen

So you are cleaning up and finding change in the couch cushions and in random places around the house. Now you have a big container of change but how much is it? It would be nice to get an idea of how much it is so you find out if it is worth toting it on down to the local bank or coinstar in a grocery. CoinCalc is a very nice little site that calculates how much you have. All you do is weigh the change in the jar or bag and then grab a handful and enter in the values of how many coins and their types in you hand. Once you enter the values it will give you a fair estimate of what you have. Is this setting the world on fire amazing? I would say no but it is pretty cool. Give it a try and find out how much you got paid for cleaning up.

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