Thursday, December 20, 2007

“Avoid flatterers, for they are thieves in disguise”

Recently I have been told by readers that something strange is happening with the blog. Many people who use Google alerts to keep track of this blog have noticed that the same info I write are also on other sites. The names of these sites range from something innocuous like one about statistics to a supposed porn site. The problem is a new phenomenon called sploging. Essentially a blog site is created by a person or a bot (software that is automated) and then these bots go about scraping (stealing) posts. They then use advertisers like Adsense to make it profitable. I have found my posts mixed in with hundreds of other bloggers. Sploging is becoming a similar problem to blogging in the way email has a problem with spam. Unfortunately there is only so much to be done about this so we just have to lump it and ignore those sites. So from now on if you see something suspicious I would say leave it alone. I do not want anyone going to a Malware site (site devoted to infecting your computer) because of a blog post of mine. All the info I produce whether it is the computer sheets to blog posts are open to all who would like to use them barring of course those who would use it as bait.

A thank you to all those that have alerted me to this problem.

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