Friday, October 12, 2007

“Last week the candle factory burned down. Everyone just stood around and sang Happy Birthday.” Stephen Wright

Yesterday was the birthday of the Providence Public Library computer class blog. Over a year we have accumulated, as of today, 258 posts. Some have been helpful and some have been frivolous. I wanted to take this one post to do a little thanking. So if you will excuse me for just this one. First and foremost, I wanted to thank Dorey Conway for letting me run free with this blog and to actually think it was a good idea. I believe the benefit to the students has been great. I have received emails from many students and staff telling me that it helps them all the time. I also wanted to thank Stephanie Chausse who has lent this blog grammatical expertise. She has done her best to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, an especially tough job with my writing. Most of all I would like to thank all the students, staff, and patrons who have read this blog regularly. To date we have had over 4000 people find the blog and more than 7000 returning page views. Also, thank you to everyone who has submitted questions, stopped me in the hallways or streets to ask questions and allowed me to use their info as blog posts. The reason I started this was as a supplement to the computer classes. The classes have had a major amount of students coming through the program. At this moment we are just shy of 7000 students in four years. So to everyone: a big thank you.
If this blog helped you tell how or if you would like to leave a birthday comment please go ahead.

Shane Sher

I still feel like I should post something useful today or at least fun so that this is not a total wash. Let’s go with fun shall we? This is a game I have played for a long time. I have no idea why it is fun but I go back to it again and again. I give you cat golf with a bow. The name kind of says it all but it really should be tried. You will need a current version of flash and a mouse. Hold your finger down and shoot your bow towards the target.

I promise the next post will be useful.

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