Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Do your duty!

For many years I have been ambivalent about getting a flu shot. I would if it was convenient but otherwise I never thought much about it. A recently read article changed my mind. It was off of the Huffington Post, and the title read There's no good reason not to get a flu shot. About half way through I saw this line, A FLU SHOT IS A CIVIC ACT. This really got me thinking. Of course a vaccination protects more than just you. It helps “young children, with older people, with people with cancer, people with serious lung disease -- we are walking around, we are the transmitters in our community." Where we can, we should protect others is an idea that resonates with me, and so I did my duty and got a free shot. Took a few seconds and now I got a warm glow.
Why not do the same?
Don't be a transmitter.

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