Wednesday, March 19, 2014

VR is back!

From the Oculus to Sony's Playstation to the Xbox, all are going Virtual reality. In 1993, I attended a VR conference in Boston. These were the barest rudimentary setup for  "Virtual Reality". They had games like Dactyl Nightmare and some shaky first person perspective roller coaster rides. The nineties promised VR but it just could never make it off the ground with the general public.The VR future promised we could do almost anything, go anywhere and interact everywhere.  Now that technology, in general, is so pervasive and normalized, this and other types of wearable tech just seem like the natural progression. Below is a video from Oculus that shows off how the goggles work. Also, check here to read about the PS4 and XBox's new VR stuff coming out eventually. I think gaming is the perfect venue to get people used to this concept. And speaking of other wearables. Google announced yesterday, their version of the smart watch. As for me, I can't freakin wait!

Below is Google's video for their new smartwatch. Although, I love the idea and the toe tapping song, I did see one more thing were people think they are the only ones around. We will eventually have to come up with what having good manners means with our tech in public.

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