Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"The English language was carefully, carefully cobbled together by three blind dudes and a German dictionary." Dave Kellett

Today my wife asked me if there are any good vocabulary practice sites that her students could use that aren’t too goofy. I had mentioned Free Rice and Tree Wala before but she wanted a bunch of different sites to match a bunch of different attitudes and learning styles. Below is a list of what I found. Some are good for kids but many are for all ages. Give them a try.

A really easy to use and great site. It is good for all types of learners from ABE/GED to 7th grade and it is even appropriate for English as a second language students. It keeps track of your mistakes and gives you a study list at the end. Because of the ease of use of the site you can jump into it very quickly

WordGirl Synonym Toast
This one is definitely for the younger user even though I enjoyed playing it. A bunch of toast drops with words on them. You have to click the synonym of the word on the toaster. It’s cute and has good sound effects to spur you on.

Science Vocab Hangman
The site is useful but a bit boring. The reason I mention it is because of the sheer amount of science categories. All you do is choose the segment and scroll down. You have to scroll all the way down and choose ready. From there it is basic hangman. Choose the right letter or watch your person disappear.

Vocab Sushi
This one is so huge it is not even worth me talking about. Head to the site and watch their video. They have everything one would want in a language arts site.

Grammar Ninja
For a very young audience. It is goes through parts of speech. I include this one because you get to whip throwing stars at the correct parts of speech. Pluse everyone loves ninjas. Right???

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