Saturday, August 1, 2009

The first rule of business, is never sell something you love. Otherwise, you may as well be selling your children. Hugh Macleod

At home our walls are bulging from the amount of extra stuff we seem to acquire. In this time of loss of jobs and high prices it is nice to hear about any amount of money to be saved or gained. Well even eBay has felt the pinch and so they have a new offer to get people using their service again. eBay usually charges to put items into an auction on their site but the first five auctions of every month will be free to put up. Now this may not save you a bundle but when you think that the whole goal is to sell an item every last bit of saving is nice. I have been reading through some of the comments about this and the general consensus is good because people are using some of the savings to offset free shipping. Free shipping on eBay almost always results in more bids. The flipside of this is also nice. Now if I decided to purchase an item the likelihood of me getting free shipping will go up. To put it simply if you have a bunch of stuff crowding you try selling a few items to begin with and go from there. Also I do have classes in how to buy and sell at PPL. Sign up and stop on by.

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