Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Never invest your money in anything that eats or needs repairing." Billy Rose

I like technology, cooking, and cartoons. These are subjects I feel I can have a conversation on at any time. I have other subjects I can wade through but one that I am completely out of my depth is anything to do with cars especially car repair. When I go to my mechanic I have to take his word that is a good price and I am not overpaying for extra junk I do not need. Now I could go and take a class in car repair and brush up on the vocab to at least get a clue or I can head over to RepairPal. It is a great little site that allows you to type in the basic info about your vehicle and the repair that needs to me made. Once that is done it will give you a range of prices from parts to labor and other basic info. It works well and I even found I have a decently priced mechanic. They have some other extras like a place to leave questions for the forum of members and an encyclopedia for greater understanding. It will do a shop search for your specific type of vehicle as well. So next time you bring your dying Utterly Sputter in and they say the Super-Zooper-Flooper-Do needs replacing look it up before you give the A-OK.

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