Monday, March 16, 2009

Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.

Today’s post is for Gmail users. If you are not familiar Gmail is Google’s version of E-mail. I use it with students new to the internet. I find it simpler because it has less ads and distractions. Gmail has a large amount of web space for you to store your emails. Their take is that you should not have to throw something away ever just because you need space. Last time I checked they give you 7 gigabytes. This is plenty of space but does this mean you should keep everything in your inbox? The answer is an emphatic NO! There is an under used button called archive. All you do is select the email, that you do not need at this moment, by clicking the checkbox and then hit archive. Once done it is put into the all mail section. This means it is no longer clogging up your inbox and now it frees you to focus on your important email. I like this feature because when I see my inbox shrink I have a sense of accomplishment but I never have to fear I have deleted important information to accomplish the same goal. One last part of this equation is the ever present Google search box at the top. This of course will allow you to search through all your mail by keywords. This includes all your archives material as well. So for all those Gmail users give archiving a try.

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