Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Give us any chance-we'll take it! Read us any rule we'll break it! We're gonna make our dreams come true- Doin' it OUR WAY! Laverne and Shirley

You are angry! So of course you type a seething e-mail full of your feelings. You hit send and then a wave of “oh no what did I do?” washes over you. Thankfully Gmail has a button for you. The undo button has the ability of stopping your sitcom of a life from turning into Laverne and Shirley where you and a friend, dressed all in black, sneak into an office to retrieve the offending mail. Sorry I was on a roll. Anyway Gmail very quietly put another feature in their system. When you hit send an undo button can be set to show at the top giving you a chance to stop the offending email. Now you need to understand two basic things with this feature. First off it does not have the ability to actually retrieve mail. It works by delaying your e-mail by 5 to 10 seconds. This brings us to the other point. You have limited time to feel remorse. You have a very short window where you can decide to let it roll or to pull it back. To turn this feature on click on the settings button at the top right inside your Gmail then click the labs button. Finally scroll through the tons of new settings choices. It is about the third from the bottom. Finally click enable and then hit save changes at the bottom. Once this is done anytime you send out an email it will delay it for 5-10 seconds. Unfortunately I could not find where to change the time setting. One last thing. Don’t wait till you have made a mistake to turn this on or else you may just regret it. So give it a try or at least buy some black skulking clothing.

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