Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I was reading a book...'the history of glue' - I couldn't put it down.

The other day we bought a strange old lamp from a yard sale for very cheap. Only problem was that it needed some gluing and it would be perfect. However finding the right glue has always been a pain. I usually just use super glue for everything, but depending on what it is a month or so down line, it will need to be redone. This time I headed over to this to that. This site is so simple. Just choose the type of materials you want to glue to each other like ceramic to wood or plastic to metal and hit the “let’s glue” button. It then gives you a list of the appropriate glues and any other special considerations. I wish there was more to say about this site but it simply does its job well that I need not go on. So if you need to stick to a project don’t become unglued instead give this a try.
Sorry but you knew I had to throw a horrendous pun in there.

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