Friday, September 19, 2008

"But one man of her crew alive. What put to sea with seventy-five." Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island

Another year has set sail but we have come full about and reached our destination once again. Of course you know the great and glorious annual event is here. What am I talking about you say? International talk Like a Pirate day is September 19th. Well blow me down that is today! It was created way back in 1995 and has become an internet holiday. How does one celebrate you ask? It be very easy. When ITLAPD comes around just talk like a pirate the whole day. Essentially all the goofy stuff you have ever heard from bad pirate movies needs to be repeated. To get ready I recommend a few websites below. Now that you have marked that date on the calendar don’t forget about talk like a pilot day, International Day of the Ninja and World Zombie day. Just more treasures from the bountiful internet.

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