Monday, August 4, 2008

"Love with your heart; use your head for everything else." Captain Disillusion

When people watch TV they understand that most of it is staged, meaning an actor is portraying a role. Even though YouTube seems to share many of the same sort visuals as television it is taken for granted that most of it is real. Unfortunately the line that separates the genuine and artificial on YouTube is so blurry it is very difficult to figure out. Soon I will be posting about viral videos and their effect but today I wanted to talk about one source I always to go for the seemingly unexplained online video. Captain Disillusion is a series of videos explaining how these videos are created. This may seem dull but I find it riveting. Although he is painted in silver and looks a bit strange he does a perfect job of deconstructing these internet phenomenons like the penguin pushing another into the water. Now why is this important you might ask? Well for a couple of reasons it shows how the information online needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It also pulls the veil away and shows how this sort of movie editing magic is done. Some might say it takes away from the video knowing that it is not real but I feel I can appreciate it even more for knowing the amount of work that has gone into the making of it. I should mention that the language used may not always be suitable for the very young but it is a minor issue. So if you are amazed by UFOs flying passed or the incredible face catching of sunglasses then I recommend that you give this a try.

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