Monday, July 14, 2008

"Honest to goodness it's the absolute ultimate! " Gidget

Not too long ago I watched a video by David Pogue (technology reviewer) about free services for your cell phone. I have posted before about one of the ones he mentioned, GOOG-411. However I was completely unaware of ChaCha. Holy smokes! I love this service. On the fourth I was at a BBQ and we got into a very strange conversation involving the singer/actress Connie Francis. I was 100% sure she played Gidget in the movies. Yes, before you comment, I was very wrong. The problem was that I did not have a computer to look it up and check a website like Wikipedia. So I dialed 1-800-2chacha and got a recording that told me to leave a question. So I asked what movies Ms. Francis was in and whether she played Gidget. I hung up and got a text message with my question retyped and a message saying they were working on it. Within four minutes I got my reply which consisted of a list of the movies that she was in and an answer that no she never played Gidget. Now this cost me the price of two text messages which came to 30 cents. I thought that was well worth the price to find out I was wrong. I have had occasion to use this a few times and with great results each time. When ChaCha gets your message a person using Google searches for an answer for you and then sends it out to you. I really do recommend this service and the since the price is right I say give this one a try.

Additional notes to this post: Sandra Dee played Gidget in the movies and Sally Fields played her on TV.

Also thanks to Nate, Penny, and Mia for a great BBQ and a reason to use this service.

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