Monday, June 23, 2008

“You have to block everything out and be extremely focused and be relaxed and mellow too.” Jennifer Capriati

As I explore the net I am inundated with advertising and it is driving me insane. Now I understand that sites need to make a living and I really don’t mind text ads but the ones with animation and flashing nonsense are just too much. So I use Flashblock which is an add-on to the browser Firefox. This is one of those great extras that make the web so much more enjoyable. Once installed, anytime it sees flash, it will block it and put a big f in the center of where the animation should be. However if you realize you would like to see it, like in the case of YouTube, give it a click and it will start up instantly. Two reasons I love this. The less to load per page the faster everything moves. The second is that I am no longer bothered by flashing dancing ads. I have only run into one issue that is CNN’s video page would not load because it knew I had a flash blocker installed. To get around this I just opened up another browser. So if you are annoyed by just a bit too much stuff give this one a try.

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