Monday, May 5, 2008

“We all get heavier as we get older because there's a lot more information in our heads” Vlade Divac

I have written here before of the Internet Movie Database. The ender of all movie related arguments, OK most of them anyway. Well two similar sites have emerged and both do equally a good job in the information they have compiled. The first one is the IBDB or the Internet Broadway Database. Just like IMDB they have compiled a searchable database for everything Broadway. Essentially you can choose an actor and see everything they have ever done. Also you can see any awards or nominations they have received throughout their career. They also have histories and information on every show. The other is the IADB or the Internet Automotive Database. This is a searchable database of all the cars that were in movies or TV shows. This struck me as so strange but I remember my step father making sounds of pain every time, in his opinion, a beautiful car got crunched. This allows you to choose a make and model and not only see a list of movies or shows it was in but in many cases to see a still image of the car in the movie. Also for all the motorheads out there is a page of unidentifiables. Image after image of cars in the backgrounds of movies that you can help identify. This looked kind of fun if I knew a thing about vehicles. To end I should say I recommend both of these sites but I really do not use them not being a Broadway or automotive guy. However I can appreciate a good source of information no matter what it contains. Give it a try.

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