Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"It's Not Easy Being Green" Kermit the Frog

Not too long ago I had a yard sale where I sold a bunch of no longer wanted electronics I had kicking around. Most of it went but it got me thinking of what to do with it if it didn’t. The standard is to bring the stuff to a Salvation Army or a resale store and donate it. But I have seen the dumpsters in the back of these places and they are filled with broken electronics. Almost all of the electronics contain hazardous materials that eventually end up in our drinking water. This in the long run will do more harm to the environment than I am helping a drop off center. So a good start instead is to head to Mygreenelectronics. They have a searchable map that shows you all the recycle centers near you and what they take. Also they have a list of greener electronics to buy in the future. Understand that most of the places will take things like a monitor but usually for a fee. The site works really well and you can feel good about the stuff when you get rid of it. Also Consumer Reports had some very good tips about recycling your electronics. Also the earth911 had some very good points about recycling e-waste and other possible options. So the next sale I will recycle electronics and drop of the clothes. Consider giving one of these a try.

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