Friday, April 18, 2008

“Nothing is better than the unintended humor of reality” Steve Allen

It was once said that we all get our 15 minutes of fame but on the net it might be considered an old expression. Maybe it should be changed to something like we all get our moment in the internet spotlight and the page views that go along with it. Star Wars Kid and Chris Crocker both got there time to um…Shine? Well anyway there is a convention that is devoted to the humor and strangeness on the net. It is called ROFLcon. ROFL is the net abbreviation for roll on the floor laughing. It is going to be held at MIT and will have a lot of the well known names from the net. Unfortunately there was limited space available (500 seats) and I missed my chance for a ticket to go starting on Friday, April 25th 2008. However they will be making all the lectures and things to see available through the video group known as Respectably French (The Harvard Sketch Group). So if you have enjoyed the weirdness of the net then give this one a try.

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