Thursday, February 21, 2008

I have never written anything in one draft, not even a grocery list, although I have heard from friends that this is actually possible. Connie Willis

The other day I was at the grocery store without a list and realized I had no idea what I needed to buy. This pushed me to find a better way to keep track of what I need to get. GroceryLists has a PDF that you printout and just check off the items you need. It Is not a small list of the common items but a mega compilation of all the groceries I will typically forget to buy like Tomato paste. This post is for the ever increasing group that is, like myself, almost constantly distracted. I should also mention that each list has an address to be sent to if found. The site actually encourages you to leave the list behind or send in others that you find. They receive it and then post it up on their site. I really enjoyed this one just for the sheer incompressibility You can then browse through the hundreds of returned lists. It is like looking through a keyhole onto someone’s life. This is a nice simple answer to a constant nagging problem. Print it out, throw it up on the fridge and go to town. Give this a try.

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  1. Yeah nice but these days i am using some mega grocery lists from you know Microsoft Word's lists are much more easier to customize thn PDFs