Friday, January 25, 2008

“Sometimes you just stumble into something that works, and here I am a quarter of a century later.” Pat Sajak

I always like to balance useful posts with ones that get you to really enjoy the computer world and specifically the Internet so I thought I should share one of my long time favorites. Now before I really start if you read past this point and get nothing done for the rest of the day it is not my fault. The best way to start is for you to think of yourself flipping through TV channels looking for something interesting. StumbleUpon is a channel changing remote for the Internet. All you do is signup and choose from a list of subjects that interest you then you install the toolbar to your browser. It is easy to do and is free. Once that is done you will have a new toolbar with two thumbs point up and down. All you need to do is click the stumble button and the page will change to something from your category. If you like it stay, check it out and give it a thumbs up. However if it is not for you just click thumbs down and keep stumbling on. All the different web pages were found by other stumblers. If you find something interesting on your own click the I like it button and if it has not been added before it will ask you for keywords and categories. You will have added to the great remote and most likely delayed others from getting things done. It is not all fun and frivolousness though I have found many fantastically useful websites that I would never know existed. The great thing is that it goes on practically forever depending on what categories you set and how many of them you chose. Now if you want to just try it out they have a demo feature but it will not have your topics. So if you are not busy and just want to see something different give this one a try.

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