Wednesday, January 2, 2008

“Happiness and love are just a choice away.”Leo F. Buscaglia

Google has had a feature for a while called iGoogle. It is a page you can customize for your needs. I have not mentioned this one till now because I frankly could see myself using so I had a hard time putting this one into any real context. However I started using this one last week and I am becoming a fan quickly for two reasons. One is that I am what I call a Dashboard junkie. This is the type of person that wants all the info he could ever want in one place, like a cockpit in a plane. It just feels right when it is all displayed there. Google’s iGoogle allows for personalization. You have the regular search bar and then you can add in all sorts of other elements. I added a Wikipedia Search and a top ten list of Youtube. Then I added the requisite weather info even though I try not to leave my computer. This alone is good but you can add different tab areas for different types of info. Let’s say it is baseball season and you want to be filled with statistics from all sorts of sites then just create a “sports” tab and go to town adding the parts you like. The second reason is I am liking this feature is mobility. All I have to do is login to my account and all my stuff is there. So when I go from home to a friends house to work all the tools I need are easy to find. Oh also I should mention that you can create your own page elements from scratch and choose page themes as well. Give this one a try.

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