Tuesday, December 11, 2007

“I'd as soon listen to dried peas in a bladder, as listen to your thoughts.” William Butler Yeats

Last week I attended meetings and lectures on blogging and some new tech in libraries and the one question that always comes up is the why of blogging. What I mean is why do people put up blogs? Is it just for self promotion or do people really have thoughts others want to hear? There are so many blogs out there that the answer has to be yes to both, some bloggers have useful and entertaining blogs and some are just talking into the wind. I read them all the time because they have some of the freshest takes without anyone filtering what I read. Blogs can be used as an educational tool or as a way of letting others know how it goes in your life. Now if you still are thinking: "I don’t get it. Why would someone put up their thoughts for everyone to read?" Then the video below is for you. It comes from CommonCraft, which I have mentioned before. They did a fantastic job of explaining an unusual subject, blogging. Give it a try.

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