Wednesday, November 21, 2007

“Man, like Deity, creates in his own image” Elbert Hubbard

After the post about creating your own avatars I received emails telling me how much they liked the site (*cough* no comments though *cough*) and so I thought I would mention one with even more functionality. Gizmoz is an avatar site that really allows a lot of design possibilities plus a whole lot more. You can choose from a list of people or creatures that you can dress up. This stuff is the regular on almost any of this type. Some of the extras that make this worth it are the animations and the ability to add your text to its speech or, even better, your voice. If you have a microphone attached to your computer you can speak and it will be added to the avatar. This makes is perfect for adding to a website or blog. Oh did I forget to mention that you can also add your face to it as well? If you have a picture of yourself you can upload it to the site. They will animate the whole business for you. It does take several minutes to render and figure out your face from the photo. This part can be kind of creepy when it is recreating a digital you. My recommendation is use a picture of just you and not many other distractions. If you want a bit more style to your online representation give this one a try.

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