Friday, September 14, 2007

“I steal from every movie ever made.” Quentin Tarantino

Sometimes I am teaching at a location that does not have an internet connection and I need to show an example of something from Youtube. Now obviously because it is streaming video (think water from a fountain, shut off the water and no more fountain) I need the connection to view it. This is not 100% true. You could download it and save it for the time when you need it. Youtube does not endorse downloads or provide a button to do so. However a site called Online FLV Converter has sprung up. Before this site I would have to use at least to 3 programs to accomplish my goal. Now all I do is go to the specific Youtube video I want and copy the URL (address) and then head to OFC. Once there I paste in the URL. I then have to choose the format I want. I personally like .mov but .wmv is easy to play as well. I also love the mp3 choice if I just need the audio to a speech or something like it. The hit convert and download. It may take several minutes depending on the length. Finally a button will appear that says download. Click it and choose where you want to store it. Now I do not endorse using this for illegal purposes. I would use this only for educational purposes and when you are done you should delete the file. That being said give it a try.

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